During this trying time for our team and patients Doxy.me is helping Spectrum come to you! COVID-19 has made it a huge challenge for some of our patients to come into the office for appointments so we decided to offer an online version so our patients can continue their recovery from home. please read, sign and fax a copy of this form to our office, or call to give verbal consent before your online Doxy appointment Telehealth hippa 

Follow these simple steps to attend you appoint today:

  1. Go to the Doxy.me website
  2. Click ‘sign up for free’ in the upper right corner
  3. Select ‘I’m a Patient’
  4. Enter your Doctors specific Doxy URL
  5. Check-in by entering your name
  6. Enable webcam or video access
  7. Finally, wait for your doctor
For Dr. Gregory Zaccone enter: https://doxy.me/drzaccone For Dr. Asante Hohn enter: For Dr. Collen Breslin enter: