The Zaccone Injury Prevention Program


The Zaccone Injury Prevention Program (ZIPP)

What is the Zaccone Injury Prevention Program?

Strengthening and conditioning for athletes looking to enhance their performance, or active candidates who have suffered past injuries and/or are looking to prevent future injuries.

Who can benefit from ZIPP?

Any candidate can enhance their overall athletic performance or condition their knee(s), shoulder(s), elbow(s), hip(s) and core to prevent injury.

How can I sign up?

Interested candidates can register by calling any one of our office locations, or by clicking the link below.

How does SPECTRUM’s training and the ZIPP program differ from other Speed and Conditioning organizations?

Athletes who train with SPECTRUM are supervised by highly educated, experienced, and qualified individuals who have obtained undergraduate and advanced degrees on the subject. Once an athlete suffers an injury, SPECTRUM is equipped to provide physical therapy AND develop a sport-specific training program designed to condition the athlete in his or her respective sport. Our highly trained personnel works with athletes and condition them post injury. Our goal is to rehabilitate and condition athletes so they achieve a level of performance that meets and exceeds those levels achieved before the injury.