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The staff at Spectrum Physical Therapy should get a TEN-star review. From the front door, you get a sense of how great this place is about. My therapist truly designed a program that is challenging and leads to meeting my goals. He takes the time to listen to my concerns and more often, my jokes. Going to therapy is something I look forward to. The assistants never stop!! They are always cleaning the machines, tables, materials patients use and checking on everyone. Such a comfortable environment to rehab and get strong.

–Paula S.

knowledgeable & Professional


My experience with Dr. Zaccone and SPECTRUM was terrific. After having visited several large chain Physical Therapy clinics in the area, I felt like I wasn’t being given the attention I required for my condition. With SPECTRUM, I experienced a speedy recovery and never felt rushed through my therapy visits. Dr. Zaccone was highly knowledgeable and professional.

–Bethany B.
Thanks again!


Thanks again for the great rehab I had in your center. I am quite positive it is the BEST there is in all of Bergen county, & NY. Keep it up!

–Rowena M. RN, BSN, CCRN.

amazing, fantastic


I recently had a total knee revision on my left knee because of a recall on the initial prosthesis. My surgeon at HSS actually asked me where I was going for therapy because the progress is AMAZING and he praised Spectrum for doing a FANTASTIC job! My husband, my sister and myself trust no other physical therapy facility, Spectrum is the best!!!!! Also the staff is very knowledgeable and caring. I give it 10 stars!!!!!

–Kathleen M.

Hands Down the Best

After frequenting several physical therapists over the last few years, this place is hands down the BEST I have ever been to. Dr. Gregory Zaccone is very passionate about his profession and works with absolute dedication and personal attention to the patient. He is motivating me to push my limits and already leading me towards healing my injuries – this experience has been beyond excellent. I would highly recommend!


Wonderful from Beginning to End


My experience with Spectrum PT was wonderful from beginning to end. The entire staff, starting with Alexa in the front office who navigated through my complicated insurance situation to the PT care I received from Dr. Mike. I never expected the ENTIRE staff of a PT establishment to be so friendly, warm, and caring. Not only was Dr. Mike fantastic with his one-on-one therapy techniques which were personalized for my needs, Dr. Greg (the owner) and Dr. Asante were excellent as well when I had the opportunity to work with each of them. Because of the amazing camaraderie, I truly enjoyed attending my PT sessions and attribute my excellent end-results to the quality of care and the outgoing, positive attitudes of everyone there. THANK YOU to Spectrum Physical Therapy!

–Renee M.

the best


This is the best physical therapy I have ever experienced. These people are hands down, the best.

–Reade K.

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