This service is located at our Old Tappan location

Class Descriptions

We offer a wide variety of fitness and yoga classes, incorporating the newest and most innovative classes on our schedule to help you achieve your fitness goals of optimal health and well being. Our instructors are constantly learning themselves, and we keep our class sizes small in order to provide you with the utmost personal attention.

Choose from the following classes:


Chair Yoga

Our Chair Yoga class is designed to make yoga accessible for those who have difficulty with mobility, getting down to the floor and back up again. A chair is used to alleviate this. We draw upon a combination of techniques you can use in your daily life to build body awareness, connecting the mind and body with the breath. These activities promote the ability of participants to feel empowered for their own well-being. From a safe seated or supported standing position you will strengthen muscles and increase flexibility, while practicing balance. You will learn centering methods, visualization exercises, and yoga breathing techniques to reduce stress and improve mental focus.

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Yoga for All

Class will:

  • Provide a deep warm-up, lubricating your joints, warming up your muscles, and fully lengthening and aligning the spine, neck, and skull
  • Guide you through the asanas while keeping you focused and connected – mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and, on an energetic level, universally
  • Allow for a luxurious Savasana, allowing you time to completely surrender into deep relaxation

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