As someone who has needed to have a regular exercise program since I was 13, I approached yoga initially to just undo some kinks from other exercise related injuries.  When I began, it was purely for the “stretching.”  As a certified personal trainer, I knew the need to balance stretching with weight training.  Only Yoga was more than stretching.   I found strength too.  I didn’t need a weight workout anymore.  Yoga gave me flexibility, strength and balance.   Balance that I find on the mat and then carry to other aspects of my life.

Yoga has benefits for the body and the mind.   It’s one of the few places I can loose myself in the present moment.  The flow, the breath, and the challenge to play the edge, captivate me.  With Yoga you learn to stop judging yourself and others.  Imperfections are beautiful.  This is what Yoga has done for me.  I entered my yoga teacher training program in 2014 simply to learn more about yoga.  When I finished the program, I knew I had to teach, because I had to share the benefits.

  • 200 HR Yoga Instructor RYT
  • Registered through Yoga Alliance