Dr. Katya Semoukhina has over 20 years experience in the athletic community both as an elite athlete and as a physical therapy professional. After 2010, when she became a Board Certified and Licensed Physical Therapist in the State of NJ, she focused her practice on orthopedic and sports rehabilitation. Dr. Semoukhina treats a broad cross-section of orthopedic conditions. She is also a Certified Pilates Practitioner and uses the Pilates method for fitness and rehabilitation of patients with various injuries.

Dr. Katya Semoukhina grew up in Russia and was a competitive skater. In 1994, she moved to the US and continued her skating career as a professional skater performing with numerous skating shows. Subsequently, Katya had a successful career as a skating coach and a choreographer. She has worked with competitive skaters in the NY metro area and in New England.  In 2014, Katya had the privilege of traveling with the Stars on Ice Tour, where she was a physical therapist for the US Olympic Figure Skating Team. In 2015, she joined Stars on Ice once again and was the sole physical therapist for the US tour.

Katya enjoys combining her passion for the profession of physical therapy with her love of sports and fitness. With a long history of athletic involvement, Katya understands the importance of proper athletic training and effective recovery. She dedicates her practice to restoring function, inspiring movement, and promoting peak performance. Her mission is to continue helping individuals reach their goals and go above and beyond what they anticipated they could do.

Dr. Katya Semoukhina received her Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy from Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons.